Forza Tempo

Forza Tempo gives power to your time.

Forza Tempo was created with the desire of make value to an important resource that is part of our life: THE TIME.

"It has been such a natural course to which I came after many years of experience in different companies. At a certain point of my life, I realized that was necessary to improve the quality of my life that was necessary to improve the quality of my life and, starting from that point, I decided for passion and friendship, to dedicate in organizing promotional events and activities in different fields such us: shows, communication, journalism and organization shows, communication, journalism and organization thought to create a company dedicated to the organization of time for those who have no time".

The founder Veridiana Meleleo

The commitment is to create a “SPACE” dedicated to those people who - due to the frenetic everyday’s life rush - , don’t have time to find “TIME” to dedicate to the needs of living. STS is a short abbreviation that means: with no time = stress.

We are a service company you can rely on to attend daily needs, coordinate your time, focus the best solution, that in some moments seems to be something very difficult to cross. It happens that, for those who are forced to always measure their time, often go haywire when an “extra” event takes over in their agenda: the worry of not being able to fit any commitment, leads distractions, fatigue and postpone things, in one word: stress. In that sense “FORZA TEMPO” will rescue you since you can delegate a person to follow up and the quality of your life will be soon much more higher.

Furnish an apartment, organize a graduation party, create an unforgettable event, find the right staff for any need, become for us, full time workers, an over time to manage with. “FORZA TEMPO” aims to use each space, gives to one who cannot take care of everything what he needs. Exit from the stereotype of “I will about it tomorrow” to use “ I call you now” in order to have time to do what you can’t do alone. A customized system that guarantees care, research and perfection.

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